A structured & Interactive Journey

Founding a startup can be overwhelming.
You might feel lost looking for the best way to develop your idea.

"What are the steps in developing my idea?"

"How should I engage my customers?"

"How do I build a sustainable business model?"

Though each startup is different all have one thing in common. In the words of Eric Reis, author of the Lean Startup book: “(a startup is) a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty”.

The xelera Journey takes entrepreneurs through the process of research, discovery and implementation – providing startups with the guidance, tools, and expert assistance required to de-risk the process and reduce uncertainty.

Our entrepreneurial approach is based on combining lean startup principles, best practices, and latest trends, along with the knowledge of our vast and international network of consulerators.

The journey is divided into different modules and actionable tasks, and provides the structure required to make some sense out of this tedious journey.

The Entrepreneurial Map

Ideation Module – Form and structure your ideas. Define basic concepts and analyze the things that require further investigation and validation.

Conceptualization Module – Validate your basic concepts, get out of the building to meet your customers for the first time.

Basic Business Planning Module – Figure out your strategy and form the basic business concepts for your startup.

Proof of Concept Module – Put the core concepts of your idea to the test. Figure out innovative ways to test the feasibility of your startup.

Advanced Business Planning Module – Design and analyze the advanced financial and economical aspects of your startup.

Pilot Module – Engage your early adopters and let them test your product. Get valuable feedback in iterating your way to success.

Seed Round Module – Prepare your startup for investment. Get all investment materials sorted out and practice your pitch. Good Luck!

Structured Journey – Tailored Approach

Use our Journey to navigate your way through developing your startup. Use customized add-on features to get access to expert assistance, content, and connections.

Upon completion of each module you receive actionable feedback on your progress.

One-on-One Consulerator Hours*

Curated Content

Deal Facilitation (Networking)*

* Paid Services

The platform is currently on a PoC phase and is under ongoing development

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