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Welcome to xelera entrepreneurs platform

Xelera offers a structured and relatable process for developing your startup, provides you with all the resources required to customize the process to your needs, connects you with business experts from all over the world to provide guidance, and gives you access to different networking opportunities.

Xelera aims to become the one-stop shop for your startup


Come and Venture the xelera way:

An innovative digital platform for startup founders.

Suggesting an easy-to-follow entrepreneurship path, based on well established methodologies and experience.

Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

The xelera platform has everything you need to develop your startup

The Entrepreneurial Map - xelera's map is based on the lean startup methodology, and proven up-to-date approaches. Use relevant canvases and models that will help you develop your idea, and get customized & actionable feedback with every stage along your journey. Find Out More.

Expert Guidance - Get the assistance of our international network of business experts called consulerators. They will personally guide you through the journey and use their diverse experience, skills and contacts to promote your venture. Find Out More.

Curated Content - Information is everywhere, the challenge is separating the 'wheat from the chaff'. We suggest useful readings, blog posts, videos, and podcasts that will inspire you and deepen your toolkit on your journey.

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Erez Yosef, Founder

The consulerators used their experience to push forwarded the development of my startup -

Fun, encouraging and serious, working with xelera was a wonderful & highly recommended experience. As post MBAs they helped me validate and market my product, offering tools I had no access to otherwise.

Alex Benetti, Founder

I cant thank the Xelera team enough, with the help of the consuelrators I was able to take my company, Benetti Watches to the next step, their dedication, experience and guidance were key in finding the right path to develop my business.


The world at the palm of your hand

Working as a diverse team of founders, we believe in the power of diversity for promoting innovative ideas

Therefore, we offer our customers an opportunity to experience similar diversity through our international network of business experts (consulerators).

Connect with our consulerators online and tap into value generators seldom found within your reach

Social Awareness

We wish to promote equality of opportunities by providing our users with access to top-tier international resources

We are looking for environmentally, socially, and commercially sustainable startups

We believe that change could be achieved through international cooperation & partnerships, and that diversity is key to achieve success.

The platform is currently on a PoC phase and is under ongoing development

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